eHealth Support Centre

Booking an appointment as a patient

If you received an eReferral (e-napotnica) from your healthcare provider and want to book an appointment with a healthcare provider, you can call our call centre at 080 24 45.

General eHealth Support issues

Please forward all questions, technical issues and suggestions for further improvement to our helpdesk by using the forms provided. You can also send an email to or call 080 72 99.

The helpdesk is available every day from 7:00 to 22:00.

eHealth encompasses the following main services: ePrescription, eReferral, Central Registry of Patient Data, zVEM Patient Portal, zNET Network, Identity Management, eTriage, TeleStroke, TeleRadiology.

eRecept (ePrescription)

ePrescription is used by medical providers when issuing prescriptions and by pharmacists when filling them for patients.

eNaročanje (eReferral)

eReferral consists of two main processes. The first process creates a referral, selects a time slot, and creates an appointment with the chosen healthcare provider. The second process collects the information on the available time slots from all healthcare providers. This data serves as the basis for the first process – especially at the time of booking an appointment.

CRPP (Central Registry of Patient Data)

Central Registry of Patient Data is the central component of the national eHealth services and is used as the Electronic Health Record.

zVEM (Patient Portal)

zVEM Patient Portal enables the patients to view all the documents related to them in the Central Registry of Patient Data, as well as in the eReferral and ePrescription databases. Patients can also submit different consents and make an appointment with a healthcare provider based on the available eReferral documents.

zNET (Network Infrastructure)

zNET network is a physically separate network that is not connected to the Internet. In order to be able to access the services (except for the Patient Portal), the end user needs to be part of the network.

Varnostna shema (Identity Management)

Identity Management provides authentication and authorization services for healthcare employees and patients using eHealth.

eTriaža (eTriage)

eTriage is a system that implements the Manchester Triage Algorithm. It supports specialized healthcare personnel through all steps that they perform while caring for the patient at the Healthcare Emergency centre.

Telekap (TeleStroke)

TeleStroke is used for real-time examination of stroke patients in order to comply with the recommendation that the patients be examined within 4 hours of the stroke. A physician can examine a patient using a special video camera that can be manipulated remotely using a computer, a tablet or a smart phone. It is used by emergency centres and tertiary healthcare providers.

Teleradiologija (TeleRadiology)

Teleradiology supports the exchange of radiology images between different healthcare providers.